Hemp, Sustainability & Fashion

The current scenario

Sustainability is one of the most trending phrases in 2019, with the enormous amount of pollution and climate change. Sustainability is one factor that everyone should be concerned about, from an individual to small organizations to the biggest giants in business.

Incorporating sustainability in one’s lifestyle is what we need at this hour when the glaciers are melting and seasons are shifting. If we talk about the fashion industry specifically Fast Fashion, the speed with which garments are produced at the cost of our environment is beyond our imagination. In terms of the human cost The Rana Plaza collapse is a fair example to look up to what these companies are actually providing people, who are the real reason behind the billions of turnover these companies make every year. In 2013 when the Eight story garment factory collapsed taking lives of 1000s of garment workers of these companies who failed to provide proper working conditions and they make millions of dollars each day. If we analyse the true cost of Fast Fashion it has always been - environmental issues, lives and depriving health conditions of workers who work day and night to meet the demands that too for a clothing piece that does not even lasts a year long.

We at Everest Eco Hemp are trying to contribute towards environment through our own Hempy ways. Hemp as a crop is a medicine for both environment and humans, literally. At EEH we are promoting hemp cultivation which itself is a solution to at least 100 environmental issues and at the same time, at NOMH we are emphasizing on investing in durable and organic clothing pieces, consciously. Thoughtful buying is what we want our customers/consumers to believe in. At NOMH each clothing piece is made keeping in mind its impact on environment, livelihoods, and on people in the long run. Hemp is a new niche in fashion industry through

Why Hemp?
Hemp is a miracle crop. Hemp is one of the most sustainable fiber. If we compare it with organic cotton, Hemp requires four times less water and land to grow, moreover the output is 2 times more than what the cotton crop provides. Not only that, Hemp is a fabric that provides you with warmth in winter and keeps you
breezy and cool in summers. There is no involvement of pesticides and chemicals for growing hemp that results into a better condition of soil and with that hemp helps to rejuvenate the soil. It is one of the strongest fibers known to the mankind. Having 25000 uses from fashion, food, healthcare etc. one can build a whole lifestyle around Hemp. Hemp is a crop that will cloth you, feed you, provide shelter and medicine.

The Hemp Industry in India
The growing Hemp industry in India also tends to provide better and multiple employment opportunities to farmers, weavers and every person who is needed in the production for hemp in all the categories of products. Hemp is like the healthiest choice for environment as well as humans with the minimum drawbacks
and myriad uses. Hemp’s contribution in Slow fashion Hemp is reinventing the slow fashion and textile industry. Hemp products last for years and get better and softer after each wash/use. If we think about the durability of Hemp products it has ultimately reduced the need of buying a new product. The best way to contribute towards slow fashion does not only means buying organic, it means buying less too and if a product lasts for say 5 years and the quality has not decreased, it has already reduced the demand of 5 products that could have been bought for replacing the previous ones every year. Even if hemp products are discarded/damaged and they end up in a landfill Hemps products are 100% biodegradable and they don’t contribute towards the worsening situation of the fast fashion- landfill situation. And that’s the world we are looking for with clean environment, clothing and good living conditions around. A very Happy Hempy world!