NOMH (Natural Organic Material and Hemp) as a socially sensitive and sustainable enterprise, promotes and creates minimalistic yet thoughtful clothing. NOMH is a brand of Everest Eco Hemp, which is an agricultural start-up, one of the first of its kind in the country working with the cultivation of Hemp. The company’s core leadership team is well aware of the environmental, social, political and economic impact that industrial hemp will bring, not only in India but also at a global scale. The vision centres on creating a market that takes into careful consideration for the upliftment of the rural farmers of India by providing them with a better livelihood. The company seeks sustainable development by introducing industrial hemp in a growing Indian economy. Taking inspiration from the little experiences in life, NOMH focuses on creating gender fluid, conscious clothing pieces with a balance of young ideas and traditional techniques. Each piece at NOMH is handcrafted with mindfulness with the involvement of local arts and crafts techniques performed by the local artisans fulfilling the social responsibility as a brand. Every NOMH garment travels to multiple locations where some element or the other is added that weaves a distinct story of each garment.

We believe in the power of the word “NO”, “NO” to social boundaries, “No” to stereotypes, conformity and the terror of being "perfect", “NO” to borders which set us apart, “NO” to harming the environment so that we can create a sustainable future. Freedom of expression is a core value at NOMH. The idea of NOMH began and is centred around empowering yourself and empowering the earth. Through the use of Hemp and other sustainable materials, NOMH strives to stay on a path of being a completely sustainable and conscious enterprise. From ideating to the final production of each clothing piece, every step in the production is taken with utmost care for the environment. Hemp being the most eco-friendly fibre, it is used as the base material for all our clothing and lifestyle pieces as well as its various blends with other natural fibres as organic cotton and silks are used as well. We want to address the important social, political and economic issues of the society through our brand with unique clothing items that speak a powerful language of their own.

NOMH as a design house, would like to make use of every opportunity out there to create change from within the industry, to challenge the status quo, and to create conversations on socio-political factors through the range of various lifestyle products we use every day. Our designs are minimalistic yet with intricate details, and we believe in giving the due focus to the textile. We also work with artisans in Rajasthan for creating exquisite embroideries/ accessories and we keep on diversifying our range to furnishings, shoes, bags etc.

NOMH cannot be called just a fashion brand we believe in creating a lifestyle. A lifestyle that incorporates sustainability, the use of eco-friendly handmade products, clean food and clothes made of organic material. This way as a brand we believe we can do our due bit for the environment.