NOMH - Natural Organic Material & Hemp.

NOMH has evolved out of a mutual vision to create a holistic lifestyle with all things natural, organic, and hemp. We started our journey in 2019 to build a strong community message of nourishing Mother Earth and debunking misconceptions about the wonder crop, Hemp


At NOMH, we aim to transform the discovery of individual style through self-expression. We collaborate with artisans to explore deep-rooted Indian traditional craft. As a team, we are driven with the purpose of creating a sustainable lifestyle alternative through products focussed on nourishment, mindfulness and design.

Through our journey, we have connected and collaborated with a network of like-minded individuals who have helped us make conscious decisions for a better tomorrow. We believe that through learning and collaboration, we can inform people about minimalism and create a coexistive environment for all things sharing mother earth's resources.